Lightshadows is a company that specializes

in the entire workflow management from image

creation to final output over multiple platforms.


  We offer project assistance in:  
  • DAM (digital asset management)
  • Production workflow
  • Creative workflow
  • Image workflow
  • Color management
  • Prototype creation
  • Image capture
  • Project management
  Output Devices Expertise:  
  • Image capture
  • Image sweetening
  • Colorspace workflows
  • Aqueous large format printer output
  • Sublimation large format printer output
  • Solvent Large format printer output
  • Latex large format printer output
  • UV large format printer output

With 26 years of industry expertise in image creation and management, we bring a unique perspective to solving your problems in project management and implementing color management for your company.

From digital capture to image manipulation to offset printing and large format digital printing we can improve your products to compete on quality not lowest price.

  21897 S Diamond Lake Road, Suite 400-416
Rogers, MN 55418 USA



  Images by Stuart Lorenz, all rights reserved 2016